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    What is the Zero G Network?

    The Zero G Network is an initiative to create tech-free sanctuaries in the great outdoors. Our mission is to keep a selection of these areas offline so that future generations always have somewhere to get away from it all.

    Zero G

    There are 35 locations in the Zero G Network that we are seeking to protect.
    Use this map to learn about each of them and to plan a Zero G getaway.

    You can add to the Zero G Network by nominating a location that is pristine and offline.

    We always recommend having a clear plan that you have shared with friends and family and taking a satellite phone to be able to check in at various agreed points throughout your time in Zero G to ensure your safety.

    Sign the Petition

    Waterfall surrounded by forest
    You will not be contacted by Great Northern Brewing Co as a result of signing this petition. We intend to use this petition to understand the public’s desire to preserve Zero G areas.


    We’ve never relied more on technology than we do today. In fact, the average Aussie spends more than five hours on their phone every day. While being connected to the world from just the palm of your hand has many benefits, it’s important for our wellbeing to get away from our phones every now and then, and enjoy the present without interruption from constant notifications.

    The great outdoors is the last place where we can do this, as much of it is still offline. But as mobile coverage spreads from coast to coast, it won’t be long before every nook of this country is connected - even remote places where we’d normally go to escape it all.

    So before it’s too late, shouldn’t there be some areas left untouched by technology?

    At Great Northern, we believe in the benefits of the great outdoors. We have selected 35 locations that we would like to protect, so that future generations always have somewhere to switch off and experience the feel-good benefits of nature.